AKWise came to my life as a blessing.

I am grateful for everything I learned and accomplished with a few sessions. The most amazing part is that I didn’t have to give up the things I love to eat, or change the lifestyle I have. Finding the reason behind the symptoms is one of the best things that happened on my path of healing. Having the tools to manage stress and learning to use them, when in desperate need, has been lifesaving. Thank you, Anna-Kaisa, for all your hard work. You truly care and understand. It is a rare gift to find someone like you. I hope that more and more people will have the chance to meet you and take charge of their own health. Thank you!

Iva K.

Anna-Kaisa has been there every step of the way.

Before I began seeing Anna-Kaisa, at AKWise, I had for years gone to my doctor, gastroenterologists, undergone many blood and stool tests, tried strict diet changes and still the digestive issues continued to control my life. Thankfully this was all about to change when I started with Anna-Kaisa, following her advice and the IBSwise course. I have seen things change for the better. I made the life style changes Anna-Kaisa recommended by doing easy yoga, box breathing and adding some meditation and exercise. I am no longer going up to 8 times a day, nor needing to know where the nearest restrooms are. I can discreetly do the box breathing, where no one knows that I’m fighting off an anxiety moment and it works! I have the mental wanting to do walking in the local park again. I create a calm start to my day with waking up that little bit earlier to have the time for yoga and/or meditation to set the mind positive and start the day right. I have managed to add foods that have long been gone from my plate back onto it again, all this and more is because of Anna-Kaisa at AKWise. Understanding the relationship of the gut and brain of how that affects the digestive system and having the tools to implement it. Anna-Kaisa has been there every step of the way, her support, compassion, knowledge and understanding never wavering.


I have started feeling better and more energetic.

I began working with Anna-Kaisa years ago, seeking nutritional advice. The help I received was timely and individualized, and the results, which included expanding my food choices, were rewarding. From nutrition, we moved onto yoga and relaxation – Anna-Kaisa’s YouTube yoga videos were in many ways a great help during the isolation of the COVID-19 period. We are still refining my relaxation plan, as needed, to suit my life situation. I’ve received so much help for relaxation, calmness, peace of mind and wellness. As a result, I have started feeling better and more energetic, I was in less pain and able to take less painkillers. Through yoga, I’ve maintained my mobility, and it cheers me up as well as calms me down during my busy everyday life. Meditation has calmed my mind and cleared my thoughts. The use of affirmations supports this clarity and helps with controlling the mind. It has always been very easy to turn to Anna-Kaisa for help, regardless of the topic!

Marjaana H.

I love IBSwise!

It is so comprehensive and looks at IBS from so many angles. All the information about the connection between stress and IBS hit home for me big time and I wish I had heard this years ago! The stress release tools, especially the breathing exercises and visualizations have made a big difference in how I feel. IBSwise has also given me the support and the courage to let go of the low FODMAP diet and manage my gut symptoms without excessive diet restrictions!