What is a dietitian?

A registered dietitian (RD) is a credentialed health care professional. The title is legally protected and only individuals who have completed a certain amount of schooling, a dietetic internship and passed a nationwide exam can be called registered dietitians (in the United States). A dietitian is allowed to practice medical nutrition therapy, in which individualized recommendations are provided in terms of diet and diet change. This could also include tube feeding and nutritional supplements etc. Dietitians are trained in understanding how the body works, and how nutrition affects each body system. 

A RD will ask you specific questions about your diet and lifestyle, and also about your health background to formulate an evidence-based plan that individualizes recommendations appropriate for different age groups and diagnoses. 

A dietitian does not judge anyone’s diet – your diet is simply a starting point on which to build habits that support health and wellness sustainably in the long term.

My values as a dietitian are

  • lifestyle change rather than dieting
  • health at every weight
  • plant-forward thinking
  • whole-body approach: I look at the big picture and not just individual parts, such as nutrition only
  • avoiding excessive restrictions, especially of foods that you enjoy
  • flexibility: any food can fit into a healthy diet
  • eating should be enjoyable, rather than a necessary evil that supports both health and quality of life, and numerous restrictions and food fears do not encourage this.

Who can I help?

In my career as a dietitian, I have helped people of every age – from premature babies to the elderly, and everything in between. I’ve worked with most diagnoses, from diabetes, heart disease and overweight/obesity to liver and kidney disease, eating disorders and cystic fibrosis. My greatest passion lies in relieving stress and ailments arising from stress, including irritable bowel syndrome, as this is something I, and most people on this earth battle with. Through my yoga background, I am able to offer a unique and comprehensive approach to healing, and I am seeing great results among my clients with this approach! In all, my highly varied experience as clinical dietitian gives me the opportunity to offer help to a lot of situations – to make sure working with me will be of help, I offer a free health review call in which we discuss your situation before committing to a program.

What to expect from the 30-minute health review call?

A health review call is your chance to tell me about you and your unique health situation, and receive advice on your next steps toward a healthier you. If I believe I can help you further, I will also tell you about my available programs with no obligation to buy. A health review call is a no-strings-attached opportunity to get clarity on your situation and on available solutions, and it is up to you what your next step is.

Which program is right for me?

1-on-1 counseling is 100% individualized and recommendations and coaching are provided based on your particular health goals. I have three 12-week program options for you to choose from depending on the level of support you prefer. This is the best for people who prefer to get individualized guidance rather than applying generalized knowledge and advice by themselves. I specialize in stress and gut health, but accept anyone, who is interested in improving their health in a way that takes into account the whole body and being. The health review call is a way to make sure that we are a good match before committing to a program, so click here to book your appointment.

IBSwise is a one-stop information hub and toolbox for everything IBS and similar gut symptoms. This program goes over information about IBS in great detail, so that you will know everything you need to know about the syndrome and how to relieve it. IBSwise also includes many tools on diet and lifestyle change and stress release that are designed to help ease gut symptoms. IBSwise is an excellent resource for independent learners, who wish to learn at their own pace, whenever and wherever they would like, but it can also be paired with 1-1 services to deepen your understanding and give you a chance to utilize all the tools at your leisure. My aim has been that IBSwise is as easy to follow as possible, so that applying the knowledge and tools in your own life should be simple. If it’s not, I want to know so that I can adjust the program until it is!

3-day food diary is an easy and affordable way to get your diet checked and get pinpoint recommendations based on your current diet to make sure you get all the nutrients your body needs to function well. It can easily be paired with IBSwise, whereas 1-on-1 services include a diet analysis already, so a separate payment is not needed when you work with me 1-on-1.