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If you’d like to get your diet checked by an expert, this is your chance! Write down everything you eat and drink for three days and I will analyze it for you, and give you tips on how to improve your diet to support health and wellness, in a way that fits your unique lifestyle.

This service is excellent for anyone wanting to know whether their diet provides all the nutrients that the body (and mind) needs to function well. But not only that, I will also look at energy and nutrient balance, and other diet patterns that support wellbeing, so that you have simple, actionable tips that allow you to feel your best.

Even if you are experienced in calorie counting, letting someone else analyze your diet will result in a lower risk of bias, and in turn in more accurate results. Also, calorie counting is not an activity for everyone, as it can lead to obsessing over numbers that are not important, so if you let me count your nutrient intake for you, you won’t need to see your numbers and only get the advice that helps.

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