Anna-Kaisa Manolova

registered dietitian, Registered Yoga Teacher (ryt-200), certified meditation teacher

I specialize in helping people with stress, and gut issues, especially irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), to get their life back without excessive diet restrictions, using my whole-body AKWise method.

I realized the importance of good nutrition after a successful change in lifestyle and a resulting significant weight loss and increased feeling of wellness. This sparked a desire in me to help others improve their health, and inspired me to become a registered dietitian (RD). I know what it takes to instill lasting habits and I want to help you do the same. Without change, nothing will change!

What inspired me to specialize in IBS and stress relief was the realization of how much they affect both the body and the mind with an enormous negative influence on quality of life. Wondering what you dare to do and what you should eat to avoid nasty gut symptoms is a challenge! With my background in nutrition, meditation and yoga, I believe I can offer something unique – a whole-body approach that helps the body, gut, mind and spirit be well.

To enhance my understanding of IBS, I completed the Monash University FODMAP training in 2021 and have been researching the topic ever since. This culminated recently in the launch of IBSwise, in which I share all the knowledge I have gained to benefit you!

On my path to becoming an RD, I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Nutritional Sciences, Dietetics at UC Berkeley, and subsequently completed the rigorous UCSF Dietetic Internship (with an emphasis on clinical nutrition). I passed the RD exam in the fall of 2017 (California). Since then, I have worked as a clinical dietitian in the hospital setting, helping patients from all walks of life, ranging from infants to the elderly, with many clinical conditions and diet prescriptions. In January 2021 I received my RD licensing also in Finland.

I am also a Certified Level 1 Yoga Teacher (RYT 200 hours) and meditation teacher, graduating from the Ananda School of Yoga and Meditation. I teach Ananda style Hatha yoga and restorative yoga, which not only help the physical body, but also support the wellbeing of the mind and spirit through relaxation, meditation, positive affirmations and visualizations. Meditation is balm for the mind and spirit, Hatha yoga improves the functioning of the body through physical exercise, and restorative yoga aims to increase wellness through rest and relaxation – all of which are necessary for bodily repair, and to help the body and mind to calm the “fight-or-flight” response and enter the “rest-and-digest” mode, so important for wellness.

I can’t wait to work together and see what is possible for you!